Who Is Scribbler

Scribbler, has been writing fiction since the late 1990’s. That’s not counting the local paper’s writing contest she won when she was 14, way back when dinosaurs walked the Earth…

In 1999 she discovered fanfic in the small but tight-knit Earth 2 fandom, and unleashed her inner muse when participating in a Finish The Story-challenge. She hasn’t looked back since.

Since that fateful day in 1999, Scribbler has produced over 230 works of fan fiction in twenty-odd fandoms, and she has dabbled in original stories and essays. Some of her work is scattered across the internet, but everything is collected here at scribblesinink.com.

OTW Member logo Scribbler is a supporter of the Organization for Transformative Works.


My cliche bingo card:

Freestyle Crossover Truth Serum Vampires Speech deprived Journeys & Quests
Phobias Mutation/ physical transformation Wingfic When I’m 64 Futurefic Exhaustion
Heat Second person narration Birthdays (Bonus square) Fusion w/ another fandom Pregnancy
We’re all going to die Hooker AU Woke up in bed together Time Travel Rare pairings
Backstory Darkfic Worst case scenario First times Secret admirers