Scribbler’s ratings

I use a three-tiered rating system for my stories as opposed to the film ratings that many people have adopted. I find that film ratings don’t translate well to the written word, and this system works well for me. After all, ratings are nothing but a guideline for the reader to get a rough idea on where the story stands in the gamut from light and fluffy to explicit or dark.

Note that all ratings are determined using my personal (Dutch) values for what is or is not appropriate for a certain age. These values may differ from your own. Proceed at your own risk.

General audiences
These stories contain no objectionable content and are safe for all age levels.

Teen audiences
These stories may contain mild objectionable content or darker themes. They are inappropriate for young children but appropriate for teenagers.

Adult audiences
These stories will contain content not suited for younger readers and deal with adult themes like sex and/or violence. A specific rating warning is issued upon accessing these stories. Reader discretion advised..