Writer’s block…

So, what do you do when the stories live in your head, but refuse to translate to the page and the words come out all wrong?

Tips welcome.

Transformative ‘Permission’

Something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but never could figure out how is to make sure that, should anyone desire so, my fan fiction is open for further transformation. But this post by general_jinjur finally put me on the right track.

Not that anyone needs my permission to create a transformative work based on my fiction, of course! But just in case there is any doubt, I’m in the process of adding the following statement to my fic journals and archives.

Transformative Works
All my stories are fair game for further transformative work, including, but not limited to: podfic, remixes, sequels, meta, reviews, and commentaries. You do not have to ask in advance, but please credit me for the part of the work that I did, and, if possible, please let me know if you get a chance.

And to celebrate, I signed up for [info]dvd_commentary, if anyone is interested.

Mid-year fic roundup

Really should’ve done this a few weeks ago, but… it’s time for the mid-year fic roundup! All stories posted (if not necessarily written) between January 1st en June 30th, 2009.

Dark Angel


Lord of the Rings

Stargate Atlantis


The Kill Point

*blinks at list* Um… wow? Even with the double counts for the crossovers, that’s one heck of a lot of fic!

Breeding WiPs

Y’all know how those plot bunnies multiply, right? Or typos? Breedin’ in the dark, when you’re not looking.

Well, I learned that WiPs apparently do the same thing. Despite posting several stories in the last two weeks, and being away from the computer for a couple days earlier this week, I count no less than ten (10!) Works-in-Progress in my spread sheet (don’t laugh…) that are one final round of edits away from actually bein’ ready for betaing.

Including one I had totally forgotten about….

And that’s not counting the numerous WiPs in earlier (or post-beta) stages, or the plot bunnies that are clamoring for attention….

What madness looks like…

…like this, I think. Look at all the stories we’ve still got planned! Many of those are WiP’s, actually.

And if that’s not enough, I also signed up for [info]cliche_bingo (signups still open until June 26, if you’re interested). The only good thing is that I can use some of the WiPs to fill some of my bingo squares.

(Oh, and there’s [info]spn_summergen….)

Why oh why does my boss actually expect to me work for my pay? I don’t have time for such nonsense…!

Jericho ficlet and drabble

Oh, time sure flies… A couple days ago I posted another Jericho ficlet and a drabble.

Fandom: Jericho
Title: Back To School
Rating: General
Characters: Jake, Emily
Word count: 1,000
Summary: Emily needs something to distract her from Rogerโ€™s forced departure.


Fandom: Jericho
Title: By Any Other Name
Rating: General
Characters: Beck
Word count: 100
Summary: Like symbols, names have a power of their own.


One missing scene, while the drabble just popped in my head when I was waking up (thank goodness it happened during the weekend… :-))

New fic… guess what? Yup!

Fandom: Jericho
Title: Bird Without A Song
Rating: Adult
Characters: Jake/Emily
Word count: 1,000
Summary: Emily is happy to have Jake back after his return from Texas, and Jake has a sudden insight.


Continuing on from where Home Brew left off, this is basically the third story in the Jake’s Texan Adventures trilogy. It could also serve as companion piece to my Jake/Emily’s first-time story (as yet unpublished), and I’ll admit to feeling a little guilty… ๐Ÿ™‚ In both stories, Emily ends up getting the short end of the stick (no, not like that…!) and I’m sure they had some great times together in between.

More Fic: Jericho

Fandom: Jericho
Title: Home Brew
Rating: General
Characters: Jake, Heather, Chavez
Word count: 6,500
Summary: Upon his return from Texas, Jake learns more about the changes in Jericho that happened during his absence.


This is the second part of the story that I mentioned when announcing Green, Green Grass Of Home. It still contains particles of the very first Jericho story I wrote, which never made it to publication, because I came to realize it could set the stage for an entire post-series ‘verse, and as such required much more thought than I originally put into it.

That original version was also the story that turned Tanaqui into a Jake/Heather shipper before she’d ever seen a single second of the show…

Yup… Jericho… again :-)

Can you tell my muses really like this fandom?

Fandom: Jericho
Title: Green, Green Grass Of Home
Rating: General
Characters: Jake, Chavez, OCs
Word count: 7,300
Summary: After he’s delivered the bomb to Texas, there’s only one thing left that Jake desperately wants: to go back home to Jericho.


This started originally as a short piece for Jake-in-Texas, where he met with the governor and learned the hoped-for help was not forthcoming. Then I caught a smidgen of Tanaqui’s disorderly muse, and instead of writing scenes in chronological order (my usual MO for 99% of stories), I found myself writing bits and pieces of the journey home, scenes intertwined with Tanaqui’s The First Seventeen Hours, as well as rewriting large parts of my (never published) first Jericho story about Jake’s return home from Texas.

At one point, it was a monster fic of over 15,000 words. And then I realized it was really two stories. So, this is the first. Expect to see the sequel–what happens after Jake arrives back in Jericho–shortly.

Awesome discovery at AO3

Ok, so, we agree that Archive of Our Own is gonna be awesome when it comes out of closed beta, right?

Well, today Tanaqui and I discovered it’s awesome now! Or even more awesome than I figured it already was. Because we (kinda accidentally ๐Ÿ™‚ ) stumbled on how to create a shared series for our co-written Awesome!Jakeverse. And that is, you know, awesome