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Went back to the treadmills of work last Monday, after having two lovely weeks of holiday, one of which was spent in the UK visiting the awesome tanaqui. The workplace is still filled with Stoopid People Who Should Know Better But Don’t (aka SPWSKNBBD). Cause, really, expecting a full-blown plan for a full-blown re-organizing of all the staff functions to be written in six weeks? When management has been heehawing about this on and off for years? And now it needs to be done LIEK NAO? They’re insane (and that stuff is hard to deal with for people like me, who prefer to think things through, and make plans based on Earth logic instead of power plays and office politics… Urgh!).

Ah well, there’s fanfiction to keep me sane, at least. Although, apparently, that’s like rape/adultery/white slavery/illegal/whathaveyou…. Well, [info]metafandom has some good responses to that, so no need for me to get into that further (although, supposedly adult pro writers throwing a hissy fit because someone else dared get into their sandbox and play with their dolls will never not be funny).

Speaking of fic, despite being away for over a week, in April I did manage to produce some 15,000 more words of Anna AU, the Jericho story that nobody but and, apparently, some Mysterious Commenter, will read. Entire thing is around 75K now… The good news is that I’m thisclose to finishing it, I think. The not so good news is that the current final scene is probably more suited to the start of the sequel… Yes, the Story That Ate My Soul is gonna need a sequel.

Also, I’m considering to stop crossposting to LJ altogether. Is anyone still reading me over there?

50! Stories! And writing woes….

A couple days ago, I posted my fiftieth (yes, five-oh!) story for SPN. Now, for some people, that might not be much of an achievement, but it does make Supernatural my most prolific fandom by far! Even more surprising, seeing how the muses still are extremely reluctant to come out and play–except for the occasional foray into wing!fic or weird second person POV episode retellings (neither published as of yet)….

So, I’m trying to adhere to the credo that you can fix anything but a blank page, and try to write something every most days. Eight hours of crazy!work!stress isn’t exactly conducive to much fic writing, however, so it’s mostly in the weekends and sometimes on Wednesdays, when I work half days.

Anyway, if someone sees my wayward muses wandering about somewhere? Please point them over thisaway, cause I miss them…. Fortunately, [info]tanaquific is a busybee writer at the moment, and is keeping me well amused with stories that are most id-pleasing.

Writer’s block…

So, what do you do when the stories live in your head, but refuse to translate to the page and the words come out all wrong?

Tips welcome.

Breeding WiPs

Y’all know how those plot bunnies multiply, right? Or typos? Breedin’ in the dark, when you’re not looking.

Well, I learned that WiPs apparently do the same thing. Despite posting several stories in the last two weeks, and being away from the computer for a couple days earlier this week, I count no less than ten (10!) Works-in-Progress in my spread sheet (don’t laugh…) that are one final round of edits away from actually bein’ ready for betaing.

Including one I had totally forgotten about….

And that’s not counting the numerous WiPs in earlier (or post-beta) stages, or the plot bunnies that are clamoring for attention….

Even more Jericho fic

First a small review rant: If a story is obviously a missing scene, set within an 0ff-screen moment in canon, and canon is picking up almost instantly after the final word of the fic…. Why do people insist that I “can’t leave it like that!”…?

Fandom: Jericho
Title: Thunder Road
Rating: General
Characters: Jake, Jonah
Word count: 980
Summary: Jake meets Jonah for the first time.


Lots of speculative pre-series characterization in this one.

Fic roundup

Just to give you a preview of things to come. Taken from my spreadsheet (yes, I have a spreadsheet to keep track! Don’t laugh!) and in random order:

Journey’s End aka the Shakespeare!Dean fic
Supernatural, 18,500 words. Still in beta. Will need rewrites and another round of betaing.

Wanna Make A Memory aka smutty!Dean Now posted!
Supernatural, 2,200 words. In final beta.

The Price Of Betrayal aka the DA-AU
Dark Angel, 37,000 words. Currently in beta.

Beasts Under The Bed aka the Dream-fic Now posted!
Supernatural, 7,500 words. Awaiting beta availability.

Legend In My Time aka the mandatory Sam-gets-Dean-out-0f-Hell fic aka the time travel story Now posted!
Supernatural, 12,500 words. In rewrites. Will need a fully-fledged beta. Deadline: Season 4 premiere (when it’ll get seriously Kripke’d)

Two Odd Ducks aka the [info]kamikazeremix  Now posted!
Supernatural, 1,900 words. Shelved for ripening. Will need more tinkering, and a full-fledged beta. Deadline: August 25

And that’s not counting the stories that are in drafting or outlining stages… See why I need a spreadsheet?