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Why I write fic

Seen… well, all over the place, by now. In different variants, due to people adding their own reasons.

Bold any reasons that apply to you, strike out any that don’t (if you feel like it), and add three (or more, or less) reasons of your own to the bottom.


1. To explore themes that I don’t get to see in mass media using characters I love.
2. Because it’s fun.
3. Because mass media does a crappy job of representing my race and/or gender and/or sexual orientation.
4. Because I can get more people aboard my ship writing a story than a manifesto. (More of a beneficial side effect than a reason…)
5. Because TV science-fiction doesn’t explore its science-fiction premises in enough depth.
6. Because it’s a gift I can give a stranger and know they will enjoy it.
7. Because I resonate emotionally with the characters what I read and watch, and want to find out why by writing about it.
8. Because every tale is a universe, often with fascinating nooks and crannies that the original author never explored.
9. Because I’ve made some of my best and dearest friends through this very wacky hobby.
10. Because the world the creator made is vast, and I want to see more of it.
11. Because writing as a communal experience is amazing.
12. Because I can.
13. Because every time I write something, I learn more about writing. And myself. And my readers.
14. Because someone can find it and know that there are other people out there who respond to media that way.
15. Because writing porn and having someone say, "this is hot!" is an empowering experience.
16. Because I get so much enjoyment from reading fan fiction that I want to contribute to the community by providing enjoyment for other fans.
17. When I become interested in particular actors and/or characters, sometimes I want to explore them in different contexts than their canons would ever allow.
18. I enjoy writing but I feel ambivalent about trying to get published; writing fan fiction frees me by removing the pressure to sell from consideration.
19. Because it makes me feel powerful to take stories not about me or people like me, and make them about me or people like me.
20. Because I think ‘what if.’
21. Because sometimes you just need kitten!fic.
22. Because it isn’t the ‘heroes’ that are interesting to me a lot of the time, and secondary/minor characters usually take a back seat by definition.
23. Because I like to weave bits of canons together and know that my target audience can see those things, get the references, the catchphrases
24. Because I want to
25. Sometimes I have to write a story because no one else will.
26. I like the creative challenge.
27. Writing can be cathartic, and if it entertains someone at the same time, all the better.

And new:
28. Because it’s addictive and I can’t not do it
29. Because canon got it All Wrong, and it’s up to me to Fix It!
30. Because the stories I write are pleasing to my id.

Hmm. Clearly, writing fic is All About Me, and not so much about other people, while world betterment (or even self-improvement) is apparently the last item on my fic-writing agenda.

Various and sundry

Went back to the treadmills of work last Monday, after having two lovely weeks of holiday, one of which was spent in the UK visiting the awesome tanaqui. The workplace is still filled with Stoopid People Who Should Know Better But Don’t (aka SPWSKNBBD). Cause, really, expecting a full-blown plan for a full-blown re-organizing of all the staff functions to be written in six weeks? When management has been heehawing about this on and off for years? And now it needs to be done LIEK NAO? They’re insane (and that stuff is hard to deal with for people like me, who prefer to think things through, and make plans based on Earth logic instead of power plays and office politics… Urgh!).

Ah well, there’s fanfiction to keep me sane, at least. Although, apparently, that’s like rape/adultery/white slavery/illegal/whathaveyou…. Well, [info]metafandom has some good responses to that, so no need for me to get into that further (although, supposedly adult pro writers throwing a hissy fit because someone else dared get into their sandbox and play with their dolls will never not be funny).

Speaking of fic, despite being away for over a week, in April I did manage to produce some 15,000 more words of Anna AU, the Jericho story that nobody but and, apparently, some Mysterious Commenter, will read. Entire thing is around 75K now… The good news is that I’m thisclose to finishing it, I think. The not so good news is that the current final scene is probably more suited to the start of the sequel… Yes, the Story That Ate My Soul is gonna need a sequel.

Also, I’m considering to stop crossposting to LJ altogether. Is anyone still reading me over there?

Fic stuff

Apparently, I wrote over 7,000 words of draft fic over the Easter weekend. That’s not bad at all! What is, is that it’s for the Jericho AU monster fic that’s looking to be even longer than The Long Road Home, and that’ll likely be read by only one person…. A good thing that ROI is not terribly important in fanfic!

*lightbulb* moment

I’ve been struggling on a Jericho AU for the past weeks, that, although over 30K in word count already, refused to feel comfortable. What was the point of the story? Why did the characters act the way they did? For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out what the answers to those questions should be, and thus muddled on unhappily.

Only today, while trying to hammer out a bit of missing canon with did the coin finally drop: those 12-14 hours missing in the canon timeline are, while mostly irrelevant to canon, crucial to my AU story, setting the stage for the entire “fork” and the relationship between the two main characters.

I suspect (hope!) that the story will now sit better with me when I’m working on it, even if this means I probably need to rewrite some of those 30K words.

What’s more, I suspect filling that blank is also going to help a lot with figuring out the rest of the plot for Reorientation!verse….

End of Year Fic Roundup

Stories that were posted (if not necessarily written) during the second half of 2009 (all links go to AO3)*:

Jericho (82,602 words)

The Kill Point (3,707 words)

Stargate Atlantis (805 words)

Supernatural (24,781 words)

Total word count for July-December 2009: 106,482**

Word count of works posted in the first half of 2009: ~ 80,059

Total for 2009:  186,541…!!** No wonder the muses got burned out a little toward the end. And a big, BIG Thank You to Tanaqui, who beta’ed most (and probably all) for me.

For comparison’s sake, word count of fic posted in the last few years:

  • 2008:    73,811
  • 2007:    60,512
  • 2006:  128,653
  • 2005:    10,370*

* Since I can only be certain of when fic got posted, and stuff gets written all the time, then put on ice, sometimes for months or even a year, the numbers do not accurately reflect actual writing. 2006, for example, includes The Long Road Home, most of which was written over the course of 2005, while 2009 includes two long stories (Journey’s End and The Price Of Betrayal) that were both mostly written in previous years.

** AO3 counts words differently from Open Office, and generally seems to end up with a lower number, so the actual amount of words for this year is probably higher. Or lower, depending on which system you want to put your faith in :-).

Fic count

I finally finished uploading all my fic to AO3. As usual, when going over old stuff, it was at times cringe-worthy (I am so grateful for AO3’s backdating option, ’cause now I can point at the date and say, “See that? I was young and stupid and didn’t know any better…”), and a pleasant surprise (“I wrote that?”). The amount of cliche-driven fic is also staggering: Sex pollen! Mpreg! Snowbound! Dialog-only! A dozen Fork in the Road-AU’s! First person POV! Second person POV! Dub-con! Non-con! Slash! Het! Gen! Threesomes! Moresomes! Etc.

Anyway, with all my fic in one place (’cause doesn’t accept all ratings), and no double postings of crossover (’cause my personal archives are separate, fandom-specific ones, so crossovers get posted once in each), I can finally crunch some numbers…

  • Published since April 1999: 205 fanfic stories
  • Fandoms: 18
  • Total word count: 833,000 words
  • Shortest: 100 words
  • Longest: 95,000 words.

50! Stories! And writing woes….

A couple days ago, I posted my fiftieth (yes, five-oh!) story for SPN. Now, for some people, that might not be much of an achievement, but it does make Supernatural my most prolific fandom by far! Even more surprising, seeing how the muses still are extremely reluctant to come out and play–except for the occasional foray into wing!fic or weird second person POV episode retellings (neither published as of yet)….

So, I’m trying to adhere to the credo that you can fix anything but a blank page, and try to write something every most days. Eight hours of crazy!work!stress isn’t exactly conducive to much fic writing, however, so it’s mostly in the weekends and sometimes on Wednesdays, when I work half days.

Anyway, if someone sees my wayward muses wandering about somewhere? Please point them over thisaway, cause I miss them…. Fortunately, [info]tanaquific is a busybee writer at the moment, and is keeping me well amused with stories that are most id-pleasing.

Writer’s block…

So, what do you do when the stories live in your head, but refuse to translate to the page and the words come out all wrong?

Tips welcome.

Transformative ‘Permission’

Something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but never could figure out how is to make sure that, should anyone desire so, my fan fiction is open for further transformation. But this post by general_jinjur finally put me on the right track.

Not that anyone needs my permission to create a transformative work based on my fiction, of course! But just in case there is any doubt, I’m in the process of adding the following statement to my fic journals and archives.

Transformative Works
All my stories are fair game for further transformative work, including, but not limited to: podfic, remixes, sequels, meta, reviews, and commentaries. You do not have to ask in advance, but please credit me for the part of the work that I did, and, if possible, please let me know if you get a chance.

And to celebrate, I signed up for [info]dvd_commentary, if anyone is interested.

Mid-year fic roundup

Really should’ve done this a few weeks ago, but… it’s time for the mid-year fic roundup! All stories posted (if not necessarily written) between January 1st en June 30th, 2009.

Dark Angel


Lord of the Rings

Stargate Atlantis


The Kill Point

*blinks at list* Um… wow? Even with the double counts for the crossovers, that’s one heck of a lot of fic!