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Drabble, double drabble

(Also, [info]tanaquific and I are getting thisclose to posting the first of our post-series Awesome!Jakeverse (A!Jverse for short) Jericho stories. Squeee! I haven’t been this prolific in, well, forever!)

But first:

Fandom: Supernatural
: Watcher In The Shadows
: General
: Jess
Word count: 200
Summary: Even in death, Jess still cares for Sam.


Initially drafted while home sick with a headache and feeling like a zombie. I think it shows in that it’s somewhat… weird. Tanaqui likes it, though, so I can’t have gone wrong too badly 🙂


Fandom: Jericho
Title: Old Habits
Rating: Teen
Characters: Jake/Emily
Word count: 100
Summary: Most of his life, Jake has drifted into situations… and only realized he’s made the wrong choices far, far too late…


Already part of the Awesome!Jakeverse, in my mind, though it can be read separately.

Fic, muchly, plus actual announcement

Huh, a week off from work plus a shiny new fandom to play in (Jericho) makes the muses all atwitter with excitement and new ideas.  I think I wrote a piece of brand new fic (for various fandoms) every day last, week (except Tuesday, when I went to the zoo with The Nephew, and Friday, when there was too much squeeing over the new fandom going on).

Aside from the story below, I wrote 2 SPN pieces, 3 Jericho pieces, 1 Kill Point piece, and a Kill Point/Jericho crossover. Can you say prolific?

Needless to say, I did not work on the stories I’d planned to work on…

I also lured Tanaqui to follow me over the cliff into Jericho fandom, and I think she fell even harder than I did. With the result that we are now brainstorming and wiki’ing our very own post-series continuation ‘verse…

At the current rate of plot bunny spawning, we’ll be in fic for years to come…

Anyway, on top of that, we also co-wrote a story for the [info]enter_tzone Twilight Zone challence, for our other two-woman fandom (well, Jericho’s bigger than just us, but we haven’t venture far into the fandom yet; it’s those nuts-people, remember 🙂 )

Fandom: The Kill Point
Title: Long Distance Call
Rating: General
Characters: Jake Mendez
Word count: 1,830
Summary: Sometimes our lives turn on a single moment. For Jake Mendez, that moment is about to arrive.


As said, co-written with the wonderful Tanaqui. This is the first time since forever that I co-wrote something with someone (and that actually turned into something publishable). It’ll be interesting to hear if people can easily spot who wrote what…

Fic announcement: Jericho Sock!Fic

Fandom: Jericho
Title: Put On Your Smiley Face
Rating: General
Characters: Jake, Heather
Word count: 1,428
Summary: Jake finds he can no longer hide an embarrassing secret from Heather.


Once upon a time, after I lemming’d tanaqui over the Jericho cliff, we got talking about Jake-inna-towel. So, having written about characters in towels before, I set out to write Jake-inna-towel fic for her. Except the muses reminded me that if I did that, I might have to set up yet another LJ community for towel!fic. And that there already was a sadly neglected sock!fic comm

And so, Jericho!sock!fic was spawned.

Then it turned out there was an issue with the timeline… It was nearly impossible to find where to insert this ficlet into the canon timeline. But with a lot of analysis and detective work and metaing, tanaqui and I located the one day where it could have happened (well, she did, I just fixed the fic)…

Ah, such are the troubles of a fanfic writer’s life.

Fic announcement: Supernatural fixit

Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Blind Man’s Bluff
Rating: General
Characters: Dean, Sam
Word count: 1,958
Summary: Grieving for yet another lost friend, Dean and Sam are in for a surprise. (spoilers for Supernatural 4.15 Death Takes A Holiday)


My first thought when Dean brought Pamela into the room was, “Yay!” But as soon as she opened her mouth, my second thought was, “Who the hell is this bitter, cynical woman? ‘Cause it sure as hell ain’t Pamela Barnes!”

Mr. Carver, if you make me wanna write weirdo fix-it fic, you’re doing it wrong…!

Fic announcement: Supernatural coda

Oops… almost forgot to announce this…

Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Nobody’s Fault But Mine
Rating: General
Characters: Dean, Sam
Word count: 1,280
Summary: Deep down, Dean had always known Sam was no longer the same person he had left behind when he died. But to discover Sam trusted Ruby more than him? That cut deeper than all the harsh words spoken under the siren’s spell. (spoilers for Supernatural 4.14 Sex And Violence)


This was an interesting coda to write. Show kinda ended in a strange place, which in itself didn’t bother me too much—Winchesters claiming all is well when all is anything but, is nothing new, really. They are masters at (self-)delusion.

And it required some thinking about what was said in the episode, and what wasn’t said, and what the dynamics lying under the surface of what we saw were really about. The end result was a jumble of snippets of dialog, which I had to move around a bit to make it fit. Quite the deviation from my usual mode of “start at beginning, write toward end”…

Fic Announcement: and another Crazy Crossover

Fandoms: Lord of the Rings/Supernatural
Title: Seeking God (also here)
Rating: General
Characters: Sam Winchester and Faramir
Word count: 947
Summary: Sam Winchester is determined to find answers. And when he can’t find them in our world, he’ll just have to go look elsewhere.


It took me a while to figure out how to connect these two. They have so much in common that it was hard to decide. But once I knew what I wanted the story to be about, it basically wrote itself. One of those cases where I not only like to have written, but where the process of writing itself is fun too.

Linda, I hope you like it too!

Fic Announcement: More Crazy Crossovers

Fandoms: Lord of the Rings/The Kill Point
Title: Strategy Meeting (also here)
Rating: General
Characters: Faramir and Jake Mendez
Word count
: 986
Summary: A good commander is always willing to listen to advice, even if the advisor is a curiosity in himself.


For what is basically a writing exercise using crossover characters, this little ficlet gave me far too much trouble. No matter what tack I tried, my brain kept insisting that I should answer the questions of how and why, and address every one of Faramir’s numerous thoughts and suspicions and curiosities about the stranger I dropped in his lap. Which would’ve led to another monster fic-from-hell that I am so not willing to write!

Even though I knew fairly early on what I wanted the story to do, it was quite difficult to keep the balance and not have one character outshine the other. I think in this, the fifth or sixth attempt, I finally managed to get it right

Fic Announcement: Crazy Crossover

I posted the first of my Crazy Crossover ficlets:

Fandoms: Supernatural/Stargate Atlantis
Title: Wraith 101 (also here)
Rating: General
Characters: Dean Winchester, Rodney McKay
Word count: 602
Summary: Dean had thought Sammy was the ultimate geek. Until, in a galaxy far, far away, he met Doctor Rodney McKay.

Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis/Lord of the Rings
Title: Women’s Work (also here)
Rating: General
Characters: Éowyn and Teyla
Word count
: 691
Summary: Although they grew up worlds apart, Éowyn and Teyla have more in common than either might have first thought.


In all honesty, I have to say that this Crazy Crossover thing is fun! Far more fun than I expected it to be. It’s also a good exercise, because it allows (and forces) me to concentrate on the characters. Without going into the hows and whys of a bigger plot, I can focus on the who, what, where and when. I won’t say it’s easy—like any fic writing, some of it comes naturally, while at other times it’s more like pulling teeth—but I would advise this to anyone who’s in a rut, writing-wise, or maybe even suffers from writing block.

And yes, I am still working on some of the other requests. Jake Mendez & Faramir is mostly done, while Sam & Faramir is percolating. However, I am as yet clueless to Bobby & Legolas, or Dean & Aragorn

Fic Announcement: Supernatural

Fandom: Supernatural
Title: The Thing About Thoughts
Rating: General
Characters: Dean, Sam
Word count: 618
Summary: Sam will never forget the advice that Mr. Wyatt gave him (spoilers for Supernatural 4.13 After School Special)


There were other fic options in this episode (like: why wasn’t Dean in possession of the car yet?), but this was the first to actually come to fruition. Because apparently I never grow bored of thinking what makes Sam tick.

Fic announcement: The Kill Point

Fandom: The Kill Point
Title: Just Two Men Talking
Rating: General
Characters: Jake ‘Wolf’ Mendez, Horst Cali
Word count: 1,440
Summary: Jake Mendez and Horst Cali have been playing cat and mouse for three days. Now Jake is about to change the rules of the game.


This was just a missing scene, in the truest sense of the word, that I wanted to write. It turned out to be a lot more difficult to make it work on the page than it did in my head. Fortunately, my beta-extraordinaire tanaqui applied her red pen special and made it all better.

Also, it amuses me to no end that there are now four Kill Point fics in An Archive Of Our Own, and they’re all mine :-).