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Fic times

Writer’s block hasn’t entirely resolved itself (or the Muses are still absent due to me having been on holiday, which always makes it hard to get back into the game), but even so, I have fic!

Fandom: Jericho
Title: Lucky Man
Rating: General
Characters: Jake/Heather
Word count: 1,600
Summary: Jake Green is a lucky man: he has a wife that knows him better than he knows himself. And she has a surprise for him.


Written quite a while ago, when I still had muses, but collecting dust for some time while I worked out a couple of other things. Inspired by thoughts about the Roadrunner.


Fandom: Jericho
Title: The Harder You Try
Rating: Teen
Characters: Beck
Word count: 1,000
Summary: In spite of Major Beck’s best efforts, things are going from bad to worse, and the murder of John Goetz will bring everything to a head. Even so, Beck feels obliged to give Jericho a last chance.


Written at the height of the writer’s block phase, if you can believe that. Inspired by the [info]cliche_bingo prompt Second Person Narrative, apparently 2nd POV wasn’t enough for the muse, she also added present tense, both styles I hardly ever use.

I can remember writing 2nd POV only once, years ago, but that was for a Choose Your Own Adventure-type story, which by nature addresses the reader as a participant in the story. This, on the other hand, has no “reader = you”, so it was a strange, if interesting, experience.


Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Lost And Found
Rating: General
Characters: Dean
Word count: 1,700
Summary: Dean has never noticed anything special about his amulet. But when he loses it during a hunt, he feels compelled to go back for it.


My submission for [info]spn_summergen, this was finished quite a while ago, in mid-July, to be exact. Long before the writer’s block strike 😉 But now that the master list has gone up, I can finally claim it as mine!

And speaking of [info]spn_summergen, make sure you also check out the wonderful story that [info]kinsinger wrote for me, Music:  Sam was making his way through the endless fields of Iowa when the cassette player in the Impala finally gave out with a loud crackle of static. She did a great job with my prompt “Something to do with Sam’s iPod that Dean finds in the Impala”. Go, read!

What madness looks like…

…like this, I think. Look at all the stories we’ve still got planned! Many of those are WiP’s, actually.

And if that’s not enough, I also signed up for [info]cliche_bingo (signups still open until June 26, if you’re interested). The only good thing is that I can use some of the WiPs to fill some of my bingo squares.

(Oh, and there’s [info]spn_summergen….)

Why oh why does my boss actually expect to me work for my pay? I don’t have time for such nonsense…!

Fic, muchly, plus actual announcement

Huh, a week off from work plus a shiny new fandom to play in (Jericho) makes the muses all atwitter with excitement and new ideas.  I think I wrote a piece of brand new fic (for various fandoms) every day last, week (except Tuesday, when I went to the zoo with The Nephew, and Friday, when there was too much squeeing over the new fandom going on).

Aside from the story below, I wrote 2 SPN pieces, 3 Jericho pieces, 1 Kill Point piece, and a Kill Point/Jericho crossover. Can you say prolific?

Needless to say, I did not work on the stories I’d planned to work on…

I also lured Tanaqui to follow me over the cliff into Jericho fandom, and I think she fell even harder than I did. With the result that we are now brainstorming and wiki’ing our very own post-series continuation ‘verse…

At the current rate of plot bunny spawning, we’ll be in fic for years to come…

Anyway, on top of that, we also co-wrote a story for the [info]enter_tzone Twilight Zone challence, for our other two-woman fandom (well, Jericho’s bigger than just us, but we haven’t venture far into the fandom yet; it’s those nuts-people, remember 🙂 )

Fandom: The Kill Point
Title: Long Distance Call
Rating: General
Characters: Jake Mendez
Word count: 1,830
Summary: Sometimes our lives turn on a single moment. For Jake Mendez, that moment is about to arrive.


As said, co-written with the wonderful Tanaqui. This is the first time since forever that I co-wrote something with someone (and that actually turned into something publishable). It’ll be interesting to hear if people can easily spot who wrote what…

Story lottery

So, in a moment of insanity, I decided to sign up to [info]story_lottery. What I (and others) hadn’t counted on was that those prompts would also be part of a theme. Because seven stories written to prompts should be do’able, right? But seven stories about games… perhaps not so much.

But we’ll see…

01. 1 – hopscotch 02. 8 – frisbee 03. 14 – cards
04. 19 – swings 05. 23 – kite 06. 26 – poker
07. BONUS PROMPT! 28 – yoyo

Crazy crossovers

No promises, but… gacked from [info]ignipes:

Give me two characters from different fandoms you know I’m familiar with, and I’ll give you a dialogue happening between the two of them. Without justifying how the crossover would work, how their worlds clashed, or how they could even meet each other. Just a silly crossover conversation with no backstory, for fun.

Fic announcement (and ficathon reminder)

Fandom: Supernatural
Title: (What It Feels Like) For A Girl
Rating: Teen
Characters: Dean/OFC, Sam
Warnings: Gratuitous use of brand names
Spoilers: None
Word count: 1,250
Summary: With the right incentive, even Dean will have a use for iPods.


Basically, I blame [info]juno_magic for this one, even if she didn’t intend to spawn plot bunnies. But she pointed out this page (warning: NWS!) while my muse was in naughty!Dean mode. And then there was that scene with Dean and Sam’s iPod in 401… and one thing just led to another.


And don’t forget: the deadline for submitting prompts to [info]3some_ficfest is this Tuesday, September 30. We have some awesome suggestions for threesomes in various fandoms already, but since there can never be enough plot bunnies, we could do with some more! Leave your prompts here.

Multifandom Threesome Ficathon

Putting [info]tanaquispn and me together in an online chatroom is a dangerous undertaking… Not only does  it sometimes lead to odd (but awesome!) fic, now it’s even resulted in a Threesome Fic Fest!

[info]3some_ficfest is a multi-fandom, prompt-based challenge to provide fandom (and the world at large) with some great threesome fic. Whatever mix of gender, species and fictional universe gets you going, it’s welcome as long it comes in triplicate (except for RPS/RPF).

Full rules and FAQ are here.

So, go forth and prompt! No sign-ups needed, no hard deadlines, just fun, fic, and threesomes.

Also, feel free to pimp the community in your own journal, or wherever you think people would be interested. We even have some stealable icons you can use, right here.

We’re hoping for lots and lots of amazing stories about those hot, cool threesomes. Because the more, the merrier, and you know what they say: All Good Things Come In Threes 😀

Kamikaze fics, ficathons, and more fic news

So, yesterday the [info]kamikazeremix fics went live. They’re still anonymous, so I can’t yet pimp the story I wrote, but I can point you in the direction of the story that was written for me, based on my Supernatural fic Triplicity. I have to say, the remixed version went into a direction I never anticipated. But of course that’s the entire point of a remix: surprise!

And if one crazy challenge wasn’t enough, the evil (yes…) [info]tanaquisga (now also known as [info]tanaquispn, for which I suppose I’m to blame 🙂 ) pointed me to a Halloween challenge at [info]spook-me. So I have now signed up to write a Supernatural story with a Monster from Space as the creature… 😯

Well, what’s the point of a challenge if I’m not challenging myself, eh?

Finally, I’ve gotten around to putting together an archive to collect my single story fandoms: fandoms for which I’ve only written one piece of fiction so they don’t warrant an archive of their own. The color scheme still leaves something to be desired, but we’ll get around to that some day…

Writing tip; Supernatural anthology open

  • [info]clex_monkie89 wrote an amazing tutorial on how to write natural dialog. Though specifically geared towards the Supernatural ‘verse, a lot of it (Stereotypes exist for a reason) sounds very useful for other fandoms as well. Check it out!

  • [info]nostairway, in its own words “part e-zine, part recommended reading list, and part archive”, has pre-announced the opening of the submission process for its first Supernatural fic anthology starting March 10. More info at their website.