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Share your fic recs…?

At some time or other (since they’ve just postponed the delivery date… :() I’m expecting to receive My First E-reader.

While I won’t use it for DRM’ed books, out of sheer principle, I’m considering buying non-DRM books at some point. However, my main purpose in getting an e-reader is to be able to read fanfic away from a computer screen. More specifically, long!fic*. I don’t seem to have the patience to read those at a desk, or even when using a netbook. When there’s a keyboard, I’m gonna do stuff: write, chat, edit, surf the web, etc.

I’m thinking (hoping!) that having a proper eInk screen and a handy portable device will fix that.


I need actual fic-to-read. I do have some long!fics bookmarked or Delicious’ed (that is so a verb…), but I can do with more! Right now, I’m just collecting links, since I have no idea what format works best for the e-reader (too many options! not enough info!), but it’d be nice to have a goodly store of fics lined up by the time I’ll actually hold the device in my hands.

So, rec me long!fic! Gen, het, Action/adventure, Drama, Romance, whatever. I may even consider slash, depending on the pairing and author. I’d definitely like to read in fandoms I’ve written for, as well as plenty of other fandoms, like Farscape, Firefly, etc….

Ah heck, just rec me whatever has tickled your fancy in the past. In long!fic, I find, it’s less important to know all the intricacies of canon to enjoy the story than in shorter stories.

So, your recs…?

* Long!fic is anything bigbang’ish and over, so 20K words or more. The longer, the better….

Fanfic100 fic recs pt. 1

For starters, a few oldies that I rec’ed before in my own journal, but that bear repeating.

Title: A Thousand Square Miles of Wide Open
Author: ErinRua
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Dean, OC
Prompt:  026 Teammates
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: Dean gets in touch with his inner cowboy. Set pre-series, shortly before Season 1, when Dean was flying solo.
Why: Erin wrote this in reply to my prompt for Cowboy!Dean, and wow, did she deliver!

As I said in my journal at the time: “Erin makes us feel every agonizing mile Dean has to suffer on horseback [to get to where he has a job to do]. Her landscape descriptions are very vivid, and you can almost smell the desert or touch the dust. OC Chris is likable and credible. He’s your typical cowboy: gruff, a man of few words, and clearly in love with his land and willing to do whatever it takes to keep it.”

Why the prompt teammates? Dean and Chris have to work together, each using his own skill set, to get the job done. And while Dean is definitely out of his depth in the first section of the story, the tables get turned in the second half, which makes for an interesting contrast.


Title: When the Hour Turns Over
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Dean, Sam
Prompt:  091 Birthday
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: In which Dean turns thirty.
Why: In an evening of moments leading up to Dean’s thirtieth birthday, not much of anything actually happens. And yet, there is so much going on beneath the surface…

Fic rec: dotfic’s When the Hour Turns Over (Gen, PG)

Happy belated 30th birthday to Dean Winchester.  As [info]dolimir_k says in the comments of the linked fic, “He made it to 30…and only died 3 times in the process.”, which, *snerk*, yes!

Anyway, When the Hour Turns Over by [info]dotfic is a lovely Dean-turns-thirty fic, where the boys are just so boys, and that has that bittersweet, melancholic feel that is so quintessential Supernatural.

Kamikaze fics, ficathons, and more fic news

So, yesterday the [info]kamikazeremix fics went live. They’re still anonymous, so I can’t yet pimp the story I wrote, but I can point you in the direction of the story that was written for me, based on my Supernatural fic Triplicity. I have to say, the remixed version went into a direction I never anticipated. But of course that’s the entire point of a remix: surprise!

And if one crazy challenge wasn’t enough, the evil (yes…) [info]tanaquisga (now also known as [info]tanaquispn, for which I suppose I’m to blame 🙂 ) pointed me to a Halloween challenge at [info]spook-me. So I have now signed up to write a Supernatural story with a Monster from Space as the creature… 😯

Well, what’s the point of a challenge if I’m not challenging myself, eh?

Finally, I’ve gotten around to putting together an archive to collect my single story fandoms: fandoms for which I’ve only written one piece of fiction so they don’t warrant an archive of their own. The color scheme still leaves something to be desired, but we’ll get around to that some day…

Fic Rec: tanaquisga’s “Altered States”

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Title: Altered States
Author: [info]tanaquisga
Rating: Teen
Author’s summary: AU for 3×14 Tao of Rodney. What if Rodney didn’t get zapped by an “Ascension machine” but by something that manipulated his DNA in a quite different way? Prompted by a chance conversation with the evil [info]scribblesinink.


Ignoring the fact that [info]tanaquisga calls me “evil” (I’m not evil! I just happen to mention… things… sometimes), I had so much fun following its progress as she was writing this story that I’m totally tickled I can finally rec it! Rodney’s transformation is handled brilliantly, not an easy task since we both discovered that he actually displays quite a lot of traits similar to the creature he’s turning in to! Yet, the progressive changes to his physique and behavior are obvious, recognizable, and subtle at the same time. A hard balance to strike, but [info]tanaquisga did an amazing job. She also knows her characters well, which becomes clear in the small yet totally fitting guest appearances by the other team members.

Even if you’re not an SGA fan, I would suggest you give Altered States a try; without giving away too much of the plot, I know the subject matter alone will go down well with many of my flist…!

Fic rec and fic announcement

I bring smut. But first:


Yes, that requires capslock 🙂

A short time ago, Erin asked for fic prompts. Knowing she’s quite knowledgeable on horses and the Old West, I saw this as my chance to pawn off the Cowboy!Dean plot bunny.

Erin took up the gauntlet, and to what result!

A Thousand Square Miles of Wide Open is an amazing little story (well, not that little, it’s over 3,000 words of Supernaturally goodness) that hits in all the right places. To get to an old graveyard and perform a salt-‘n-burn, Dean has to learn how to ride first. Erin makes us feel every agonizing mile he has to suffer on horseback. Her landscape descriptions are very vivid, and you can almost smell the desert or touch the dust. OC Chris is likable and credible. He’s your typical cowboy: gruff, a man of few words, and clearly in love with his land and willing to do whatever it takes to keep it.

All in all, a definite Must Read for any Supernatural fan.


Ok, after that, I’m almost embarrassed to announce my smut ficlet in the same post. But here it goes:

Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Wanna Make A Memory
Rating: ADULT
Characters: Dean/OFC
Spoilers: None
Word count: 2,200
Summary: Dean knows he can’t not go, and that once he leaves, he won’t ever return. So he wants to make this memorable.


I have no excuse, really. This story was entirely unplanned; I have no idea where it came from, or what triggered it. But the central idea was just there, popping into my head out of the blue. And when I started thinking how to make it happen, I realized it would be the perfect tag-on to my earlier story There’s A Girl In Texas, which was originally supposed to be smutty, but ended up being anything but.


Fic rec and drabble announcement

Once upon a not very long ago, I jokingly suggested to [info]tanaquisga that she re-watch Supernatural from the start, and do a drabble-an-episode. Much to my surprise, she neither laughed in my face, nor ran screaming for the hills, but instead picked up the challenge.

She has now posted the first two sets of drabbles here. Make sure to check them out for a John-centric view of Supernatural‘s stories.

Also, since muses tend to be fickle, she wrote an extra, underwear-inspired, Dean drabble for Phantom Traveler.

And because what’s not to like about Dean and underwear, my muse decided she needed to come up with a follow-up drabble…

Every Man’s Burden

“What’re you doin’?” Sam’s nose wrinkled in disgust as Dean rummaged through the greasy pizza boxes and burger wrappers of last night’s dinner.

“Nothin’!” Dean slammed the bathroom door shut in Sam’s face. If Sam found out… He’d never hear the end of it.

But the sales girl had been right: they were very comfortable. Snug but not too tight, and not chafing, even hunting chupacabras through the woods.

Where was it…?

A moment later: “Ha!”

Triumphantly, Dean smoothed the wrinkled cardboard that had come with the cellophane packaging. Now he could remember what brand and model to shop for…