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End of Year Fic Roundup

Stories that were posted (if not necessarily written) during the second half of 2009 (all links go to AO3)*:

Jericho (82,602 words)

The Kill Point (3,707 words)

Stargate Atlantis (805 words)

Supernatural (24,781 words)

Total word count for July-December 2009: 106,482**

Word count of works posted in the first half of 2009: ~ 80,059

Total for 2009:  186,541…!!** No wonder the muses got burned out a little toward the end. And a big, BIG Thank You to Tanaqui, who beta’ed most (and probably all) for me.

For comparison’s sake, word count of fic posted in the last few years:

  • 2008:    73,811
  • 2007:    60,512
  • 2006:  128,653
  • 2005:    10,370*

* Since I can only be certain of when fic got posted, and stuff gets written all the time, then put on ice, sometimes for months or even a year, the numbers do not accurately reflect actual writing. 2006, for example, includes The Long Road Home, most of which was written over the course of 2005, while 2009 includes two long stories (Journey’s End and The Price Of Betrayal) that were both mostly written in previous years.

** AO3 counts words differently from Open Office, and generally seems to end up with a lower number, so the actual amount of words for this year is probably higher. Or lower, depending on which system you want to put your faith in :-).

Mid-year fic roundup

Really should’ve done this a few weeks ago, but… it’s time for the mid-year fic roundup! All stories posted (if not necessarily written) between January 1st en June 30th, 2009.

Dark Angel


Lord of the Rings

Stargate Atlantis


The Kill Point

*blinks at list* Um… wow? Even with the double counts for the crossovers, that’s one heck of a lot of fic!

Fic, muchly, plus actual announcement

Huh, a week off from work plus a shiny new fandom to play in (Jericho) makes the muses all atwitter with excitement and new ideas.  I think I wrote a piece of brand new fic (for various fandoms) every day last, week (except Tuesday, when I went to the zoo with The Nephew, and Friday, when there was too much squeeing over the new fandom going on).

Aside from the story below, I wrote 2 SPN pieces, 3 Jericho pieces, 1 Kill Point piece, and a Kill Point/Jericho crossover. Can you say prolific?

Needless to say, I did not work on the stories I’d planned to work on…

I also lured Tanaqui to follow me over the cliff into Jericho fandom, and I think she fell even harder than I did. With the result that we are now brainstorming and wiki’ing our very own post-series continuation ‘verse…

At the current rate of plot bunny spawning, we’ll be in fic for years to come…

Anyway, on top of that, we also co-wrote a story for the [info]enter_tzone Twilight Zone challence, for our other two-woman fandom (well, Jericho’s bigger than just us, but we haven’t venture far into the fandom yet; it’s those nuts-people, remember 🙂 )

Fandom: The Kill Point
Title: Long Distance Call
Rating: General
Characters: Jake Mendez
Word count: 1,830
Summary: Sometimes our lives turn on a single moment. For Jake Mendez, that moment is about to arrive.


As said, co-written with the wonderful Tanaqui. This is the first time since forever that I co-wrote something with someone (and that actually turned into something publishable). It’ll be interesting to hear if people can easily spot who wrote what…

Fic Announcement: More Crazy Crossovers

Fandoms: Lord of the Rings/The Kill Point
Title: Strategy Meeting (also here)
Rating: General
Characters: Faramir and Jake Mendez
Word count
: 986
Summary: A good commander is always willing to listen to advice, even if the advisor is a curiosity in himself.


For what is basically a writing exercise using crossover characters, this little ficlet gave me far too much trouble. No matter what tack I tried, my brain kept insisting that I should answer the questions of how and why, and address every one of Faramir’s numerous thoughts and suspicions and curiosities about the stranger I dropped in his lap. Which would’ve led to another monster fic-from-hell that I am so not willing to write!

Even though I knew fairly early on what I wanted the story to do, it was quite difficult to keep the balance and not have one character outshine the other. I think in this, the fifth or sixth attempt, I finally managed to get it right

Fic announcement: The Kill Point

Fandom: The Kill Point
Title: Just Two Men Talking
Rating: General
Characters: Jake ‘Wolf’ Mendez, Horst Cali
Word count: 1,440
Summary: Jake Mendez and Horst Cali have been playing cat and mouse for three days. Now Jake is about to change the rules of the game.


This was just a missing scene, in the truest sense of the word, that I wanted to write. It turned out to be a lot more difficult to make it work on the page than it did in my head. Fortunately, my beta-extraordinaire tanaqui applied her red pen special and made it all better.

Also, it amuses me to no end that there are now four Kill Point fics in An Archive Of Our Own, and they’re all mine :-).

Fic announcement: The Kill Point

Fandom: The Kill Point
Title: Crossroads
Rating: General
Characters: Jake ‘Wolf’ Mendez
Word count: 1,870
Summary: Court-martialed for serious crimes, Jake is made an offer he doesn’t want to refuse.


While needing a break from the Monster Fixit AU from Hell, I asked Tanaqui what other things she wanted to see explored. She suggested several things, and I’m not even sure if this was included. I did want to try and wrap my head around the character of Jake Mendez, as well as some of the not-quite-adding-up canon elements, so this came to be. The man’s still largely an enigma, but at least his back story makes more sense now. If only in my own mind…

Fic announcement: The Kill Point

Fandom: The Kill Point
Title: Before, And After
Rating: General
Characters: Ashley Beck, Chloe, Albert ‘Pig’ Roman
Word count: 2,375
Summary: After the siege ends, Ashley tries to pick up the pieces of her life and be the daughter everyone expects her to be. She soon learns it’s not as easy as she thought to leave the past behind.


Fic Year In Review 2008

Yes, it’s that time of the year again, to look back at my fic’ish accomplishments over the past year. With eternal gratitude to my betas for (trying to) keep me on the straight and narrow, [info]tanaquispn, [info]inimicallyyours and [info]erinrua.

Finished and published fics:

The Kill Point

Stargate Atlantis


Threat Matrix

WIPs done in their entirety (and in various stages of rewrites/betaing):

  • The Price Of Betrayal (Dark Angel; mostly written in 2007)
  • Before, And After (The Kill Point; 2,350 words)
  • Crossroads (The Kill Point; 1,880 words)
  • Journey’s End (Supernatural; written in 2007)
  • Unsung Heroes (Supernatural; 1,100 words)
  • The monster fixit-AU (The Kill Point; 29,000 words)

Future projects:

  • Orcs in the Cascades (Supernatural; outlined)
  • Untitled AU (Supernatural 2,000 words; outlined)
  • Numerous other plot bunnies awaiting their turn

Total number of words published: 73,811

Total number of words written (est.): 108,000

Writer’s Glee

You know what the advantage is of having a one-woman fandom? There’s nobody that’ll tell you what you can or can’t do. So, if I want to let out my inner romantic, or embrace every bad!fic trope there is, and write about it, I can! No concerns about what readers might think, or if it fits with anyone else’s interpretation of canon, or if there are ‘isms I should worry about, there’s just fic.

And you know what? Writing exactly what you want is great fun!

Of course, it also means that I have spent my entire weeklong holiday not working on what I’d planned to work on, like OTW translations, or finally addressing the Dark Angel AU beta notes, or finishing my John & Bobby fic, or writing any of the half dozen other Supernatural stories on the list. But I did write two ficlets and nearly 15,000 words of fixit fic, including some 2,500 words of slow smut, so I do feel quite accomplished.

OTPs, shippiness and UST–or lack thereof

[info]tanaquisga floated an interesting theory yesterday about my new-found obsession with The Kill Point and the desire to write a shippy bad!fic AU where the guy(s) get the girl(s) and escape off into the sunset(*) as opposed to the decidedly unsatisfactory canonical ending: I’m jonesing for romance!

Now, I have to say that Supernatural, despite all its awesomeness, is indeed rather light on UST and ‘ships—at least for those of us who watch without slash goggles. Thus, after several years of me obsessing over Supernatural, she may very well have a point.

So, thoughts? Is it possible to suffer from lack of UST? Ship malnutrition? Does having favorite pairings advance your viewing pleasure?

(*) It’s also not entirely unlikely I will go and write that, seeing I solved a major plot hurdle last night while taking a leisurely bath (which is when the muses pounce…). All I need now is some sort of ending, because off into the sunset is not it!