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Fic Announcement: Crazy Crossover

I posted the first of my Crazy Crossover ficlets:

Fandoms: Supernatural/Stargate Atlantis
Title: Wraith 101 (also here)
Rating: General
Characters: Dean Winchester, Rodney McKay
Word count: 602
Summary: Dean had thought Sammy was the ultimate geek. Until, in a galaxy far, far away, he met Doctor Rodney McKay.

Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis/Lord of the Rings
Title: Women’s Work (also here)
Rating: General
Characters: Éowyn and Teyla
Word count
: 691
Summary: Although they grew up worlds apart, Éowyn and Teyla have more in common than either might have first thought.


In all honesty, I have to say that this Crazy Crossover thing is fun! Far more fun than I expected it to be. It’s also a good exercise, because it allows (and forces) me to concentrate on the characters. Without going into the hows and whys of a bigger plot, I can focus on the who, what, where and when. I won’t say it’s easy—like any fic writing, some of it comes naturally, while at other times it’s more like pulling teeth—but I would advise this to anyone who’s in a rut, writing-wise, or maybe even suffers from writing block.

And yes, I am still working on some of the other requests. Jake Mendez & Faramir is mostly done, while Sam & Faramir is percolating. However, I am as yet clueless to Bobby & Legolas, or Dean & Aragorn

Fic Announcement: Supernatural

Fandom: Supernatural
Title: The Thing About Thoughts
Rating: General
Characters: Dean, Sam
Word count: 618
Summary: Sam will never forget the advice that Mr. Wyatt gave him (spoilers for Supernatural 4.13 After School Special)


There were other fic options in this episode (like: why wasn’t Dean in possession of the car yet?), but this was the first to actually come to fruition. Because apparently I never grow bored of thinking what makes Sam tick.

Fic rec: dotfic’s When the Hour Turns Over (Gen, PG)

Happy belated 30th birthday to Dean Winchester.  As [info]dolimir_k says in the comments of the linked fic, “He made it to 30…and only died 3 times in the process.”, which, *snerk*, yes!

Anyway, When the Hour Turns Over by [info]dotfic is a lovely Dean-turns-thirty fic, where the boys are just so boys, and that has that bittersweet, melancholic feel that is so quintessential Supernatural.

Fic announcement: two SPN ‘smutlets’

Fandom: Supernatural
Title: One More Time
Rating: ADULT
Characters: Sam/Dean/Jess
Word count: 750
Summary: Jess learns the Winchester boys don’t give up quickly.


Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Hitting The Spot
Rating: ADULT
Characters: John/Ellen
Word count: 2,370
Summary: After a blood-covered John Winchester shows up at the Roadhouse in the depth of night, Ellen decides it’s time for a lesson—not expecting she’ll learn something about herself in the process.


During the last week of hiatus, some daring souls decided to run an anonymous kink smut ficfest entitled [info]blindfold_spn. I have to say, watching that comm explode (with over 4,000 comments) has been very… educational. I learned several new words, and discovered acts I never believed the human body was capable of (and this being fiction, I’m probably right). Also, the human imagination can be a scary place, when asked to come up with the smuttiest kink prompt one can think of while remaining anonymous (though I also suspect there was a certain element of trying to outdo one another in play as well…).

Anyway, my muses decided to respond to two of the vanillaier (yes, that’s so a word!) prompts, making me pop my Sam/Dean/Jess cherry in the process (it was just a matter of time before I wrote that threesome), and write some John/Ellen porn as well. The last, surprisingly, came with plot. Or perhaps not that surprising, since I did need some sort of setup to make what happened next believable in my own mind, before I could ever write it.

In any case, it’s been a fun experience!

I also have posted over forty Supernatural fics now… :mrgreen:


Fic Announcement: Supernatural

Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Unsung Heroes
Rating: General
Characters: Bobby
Word count: 1,130
Summary: Hunters are like the unsung heroes of our world. Bobby has made it his duty to ensure that even when they’re gone, they’ll not be forgotten.


On Christmas morning, the muse woke me with this little gift of a ficlet. Judging by the subject matter, the reflective spirit of the holiday must’ve gotten to her. Personally, I was mostly glad that I could still write, after the fight that the Kill Point fixit AU put up before I got something resembling a decent second draft down…

And oh yeah, expect more fic from me in the next couple of days. I’m scrambling to keep up with my betas 😉

Fic Year In Review 2008

Yes, it’s that time of the year again, to look back at my fic’ish accomplishments over the past year. With eternal gratitude to my betas for (trying to) keep me on the straight and narrow, [info]tanaquispn, [info]inimicallyyours and [info]erinrua.

Finished and published fics:

The Kill Point

Stargate Atlantis


Threat Matrix

WIPs done in their entirety (and in various stages of rewrites/betaing):

  • The Price Of Betrayal (Dark Angel; mostly written in 2007)
  • Before, And After (The Kill Point; 2,350 words)
  • Crossroads (The Kill Point; 1,880 words)
  • Journey’s End (Supernatural; written in 2007)
  • Unsung Heroes (Supernatural; 1,100 words)
  • The monster fixit-AU (The Kill Point; 29,000 words)

Future projects:

  • Orcs in the Cascades (Supernatural; outlined)
  • Untitled AU (Supernatural 2,000 words; outlined)
  • Numerous other plot bunnies awaiting their turn

Total number of words published: 73,811

Total number of words written (est.): 108,000

New Fic: Supernatural

Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Kindred Spirits
Rating: General
Characters: John, Bobby
Word count: 3,900
Summary: While on a job, John bumps into a fellow hunter. He soon learns they have more in common than mere knowledge of the supernatural.


Somewhere, on someone’s LiveJournal, at some point in time, someone mentioned something about John and Bobby meeting for the first time. That thought nestled itself in the back of my brain as a “Oh, that could be a cool story!”. For the longest time, nothing happened. Until suddenly, the muse decided now was a good time to tackle this plot bunny.

And several point-of-view shifts and recastings and rewrites of scenes later, a ficlet was born…

Writer’s Glee

You know what the advantage is of having a one-woman fandom? There’s nobody that’ll tell you what you can or can’t do. So, if I want to let out my inner romantic, or embrace every bad!fic trope there is, and write about it, I can! No concerns about what readers might think, or if it fits with anyone else’s interpretation of canon, or if there are ‘isms I should worry about, there’s just fic.

And you know what? Writing exactly what you want is great fun!

Of course, it also means that I have spent my entire weeklong holiday not working on what I’d planned to work on, like OTW translations, or finally addressing the Dark Angel AU beta notes, or finishing my John & Bobby fic, or writing any of the half dozen other Supernatural stories on the list. But I did write two ficlets and nearly 15,000 words of fixit fic, including some 2,500 words of slow smut, so I do feel quite accomplished.

OTPs, shippiness and UST–or lack thereof

[info]tanaquisga floated an interesting theory yesterday about my new-found obsession with The Kill Point and the desire to write a shippy bad!fic AU where the guy(s) get the girl(s) and escape off into the sunset(*) as opposed to the decidedly unsatisfactory canonical ending: I’m jonesing for romance!

Now, I have to say that Supernatural, despite all its awesomeness, is indeed rather light on UST and ‘ships—at least for those of us who watch without slash goggles. Thus, after several years of me obsessing over Supernatural, she may very well have a point.

So, thoughts? Is it possible to suffer from lack of UST? Ship malnutrition? Does having favorite pairings advance your viewing pleasure?

(*) It’s also not entirely unlikely I will go and write that, seeing I solved a major plot hurdle last night while taking a leisurely bath (which is when the muses pounce…). All I need now is some sort of ending, because off into the sunset is not it!

Fic Announcement: Supernatural SpookMe fic

Fandom: Supernatural
Title: The Truth Is Out There
Rating: General
Characters: John, Dean, Sam
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Word count: 3,500
Summary: Livestock has gone missing in New Mexico for some time. When people start disappearing as well, John Winchester decides it’s time to take a closer look. Sammy has a theory of his own about the culprits, but nobody believes him. Until he takes matters into his own hands, and his first hunt nearly becomes his last….


This was written for the [info]spook_me ficathon, with the prompts space monster, Village of the Damned and Bloody Pit of Horror. It was a hard story to write, and for the longest time I didn’t think I would make the deadline at all.

First, there was no inspiration whatsoever. None of the prompts sparked, and I really didn’t see how I could make those prompts come together (fortunately, spook_me is a laid-back challenge where only one prompt was required so I gave up on the idea of using all three rather quickly). Then, I wanted to do three thousand different things in the same story (hint at Sam’s powers; explain his fear of clowns; have real aliens; have a really scary space monster with horns and claws).

The only thing that was clear from early on was that I wanted to have a wee!Sammy. Don’t ask why; it was just what the story wanted!

When the first draft was done, I really hated it. I had changed tack several times during the writing, and it was a mess. Fortunately, [info]tanaquispn convinced me to let her read it, and then convinced me that it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought. With renewed vigor and after a few days’ leaving it be, I went back with scalpel and glue, and the second draft showed a much more coherent story than it had seemed before.

I was on to something! After that, it was merely a matter of finetuning: dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s and putting the finishing touches on it before sending it back to [info]tanaquispn for her red pen special–which she delivered beautifully 🙂 And lo and behold, I had a story on the eve of the deadline.