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End of Year Fic Roundup

Stories that were posted (if not necessarily written) during the second half of 2009 (all links go to AO3)*:

Jericho (82,602 words)

The Kill Point (3,707 words)

Stargate Atlantis (805 words)

Supernatural (24,781 words)

Total word count for July-December 2009: 106,482**

Word count of works posted in the first half of 2009: ~ 80,059

Total for 2009:  186,541…!!** No wonder the muses got burned out a little toward the end. And a big, BIG Thank You to Tanaqui, who beta’ed most (and probably all) for me.

For comparison’s sake, word count of fic posted in the last few years:

  • 2008:    73,811
  • 2007:    60,512
  • 2006:  128,653
  • 2005:    10,370*

* Since I can only be certain of when fic got posted, and stuff gets written all the time, then put on ice, sometimes for months or even a year, the numbers do not accurately reflect actual writing. 2006, for example, includes The Long Road Home, most of which was written over the course of 2005, while 2009 includes two long stories (Journey’s End and The Price Of Betrayal) that were both mostly written in previous years.

** AO3 counts words differently from Open Office, and generally seems to end up with a lower number, so the actual amount of words for this year is probably higher. Or lower, depending on which system you want to put your faith in :-).

Mid-year fic roundup

Really should’ve done this a few weeks ago, but… it’s time for the mid-year fic roundup! All stories posted (if not necessarily written) between January 1st en June 30th, 2009.

Dark Angel


Lord of the Rings

Stargate Atlantis


The Kill Point

*blinks at list* Um… wow? Even with the double counts for the crossovers, that’s one heck of a lot of fic!

Fic Announcement: Crazy Crossover

I posted the first of my Crazy Crossover ficlets:

Fandoms: Supernatural/Stargate Atlantis
Title: Wraith 101 (also here)
Rating: General
Characters: Dean Winchester, Rodney McKay
Word count: 602
Summary: Dean had thought Sammy was the ultimate geek. Until, in a galaxy far, far away, he met Doctor Rodney McKay.

Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis/Lord of the Rings
Title: Women’s Work (also here)
Rating: General
Characters: Éowyn and Teyla
Word count
: 691
Summary: Although they grew up worlds apart, Éowyn and Teyla have more in common than either might have first thought.


In all honesty, I have to say that this Crazy Crossover thing is fun! Far more fun than I expected it to be. It’s also a good exercise, because it allows (and forces) me to concentrate on the characters. Without going into the hows and whys of a bigger plot, I can focus on the who, what, where and when. I won’t say it’s easy—like any fic writing, some of it comes naturally, while at other times it’s more like pulling teeth—but I would advise this to anyone who’s in a rut, writing-wise, or maybe even suffers from writing block.

And yes, I am still working on some of the other requests. Jake Mendez & Faramir is mostly done, while Sam & Faramir is percolating. However, I am as yet clueless to Bobby & Legolas, or Dean & Aragorn

Fic Year In Review 2008

Yes, it’s that time of the year again, to look back at my fic’ish accomplishments over the past year. With eternal gratitude to my betas for (trying to) keep me on the straight and narrow, [info]tanaquispn, [info]inimicallyyours and [info]erinrua.

Finished and published fics:

The Kill Point

Stargate Atlantis


Threat Matrix

WIPs done in their entirety (and in various stages of rewrites/betaing):

  • The Price Of Betrayal (Dark Angel; mostly written in 2007)
  • Before, And After (The Kill Point; 2,350 words)
  • Crossroads (The Kill Point; 1,880 words)
  • Journey’s End (Supernatural; written in 2007)
  • Unsung Heroes (Supernatural; 1,100 words)
  • The monster fixit-AU (The Kill Point; 29,000 words)

Future projects:

  • Orcs in the Cascades (Supernatural; outlined)
  • Untitled AU (Supernatural 2,000 words; outlined)
  • Numerous other plot bunnies awaiting their turn

Total number of words published: 73,811

Total number of words written (est.): 108,000

Fic announcement: Stargate Atlantis

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Title: If It Looks Like A Duck
Rating: Teen
Characters: Jennifer Keller, Ronon Dex
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Word count: 987
Summary: If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck. Or is it? Jennifer gets a package from Earth. And Ronon gets confused.


*Sighs* Tanaqui has finally managed it: corrupting me enough that I did write another Stargate Atlantis fic. So that now I have two (plus a crossover drabble) published, and it requires a whole archive of its own.

Anyway, blame for this story also goes to Juno, who once again pointed out silly adult toys that one can buy on line.

Fic Rec: tanaquisga’s “Altered States”

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Title: Altered States
Author: [info]tanaquisga
Rating: Teen
Author’s summary: AU for 3×14 Tao of Rodney. What if Rodney didn’t get zapped by an “Ascension machine” but by something that manipulated his DNA in a quite different way? Prompted by a chance conversation with the evil [info]scribblesinink.


Ignoring the fact that [info]tanaquisga calls me “evil” (I’m not evil! I just happen to mention… things… sometimes), I had so much fun following its progress as she was writing this story that I’m totally tickled I can finally rec it! Rodney’s transformation is handled brilliantly, not an easy task since we both discovered that he actually displays quite a lot of traits similar to the creature he’s turning in to! Yet, the progressive changes to his physique and behavior are obvious, recognizable, and subtle at the same time. A hard balance to strike, but [info]tanaquisga did an amazing job. She also knows her characters well, which becomes clear in the small yet totally fitting guest appearances by the other team members.

Even if you’re not an SGA fan, I would suggest you give Altered States a try; without giving away too much of the plot, I know the subject matter alone will go down well with many of my flist…!

New Fic Announcement

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Title: Revelations
Rating: General
Characters: John Sheppard
Spoilers: 4.11 Be All My Sins Remember’d
Word count: 545
Summary: John thought he could trust every member of his team absolutely. He never expected to find Teyla holding out on him.


Stargate Atlantis fic…?! Yes. Looks like I added yet another fandom to that already ridiculously long list. *sighs* The blame for this goes entirely to [info]tanaquisga, who has been trying to corrupt me into SGA since forever. And going through writing withdrawal (because I really don’t have time to work on fic right now…) apparently gave her and her plot bunnies the opening they needed.

Anyway, don’t hold your breath for more SGA fic from me in the foreseeable future. 🙂 Also, because I don’t have an Atlantis fic archive (for obvious reasons), and because I don’t have time to convert my other one-story archive into a catch-all orphaned fandoms place for a while, the story’s currently only available at my LJ fic journal.