Share your fic recs…?

At some time or other (since they’ve just postponed the delivery date… :() I’m expecting to receive My First E-reader.

While I won’t use it for DRM’ed books, out of sheer principle, I’m considering buying non-DRM books at some point. However, my main purpose in getting an e-reader is to be able to read fanfic away from a computer screen. More specifically, long!fic*. I don’t seem to have the patience to read those at a desk, or even when using a netbook. When there’s a keyboard, I’m gonna do stuff: write, chat, edit, surf the web, etc.

I’m thinking (hoping!) that having a proper eInk screen and a handy portable device will fix that.


I need actual fic-to-read. I do have some long!fics bookmarked or Delicious’ed (that is so a verb…), but I can do with more! Right now, I’m just collecting links, since I have no idea what format works best for the e-reader (too many options! not enough info!), but it’d be nice to have a goodly store of fics lined up by the time I’ll actually hold the device in my hands.

So, rec me long!fic! Gen, het, Action/adventure, Drama, Romance, whatever. I may even consider slash, depending on the pairing and author. I’d definitely like to read in fandoms I’ve written for, as well as plenty of other fandoms, like Farscape, Firefly, etc….

Ah heck, just rec me whatever has tickled your fancy in the past. In long!fic, I find, it’s less important to know all the intricacies of canon to enjoy the story than in shorter stories.

So, your recs…?

* Long!fic is anything bigbang’ish and over, so 20K words or more. The longer, the better….

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