*lightbulb* moment

I’ve been struggling on a Jericho AU for the past weeks, that, although over 30K in word count already, refused to feel comfortable. What was the point of the story? Why did the characters act the way they did? For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out what the answers to those questions should be, and thus muddled on unhappily.

Only today, while trying to hammer out a bit of missing canon with did the coin finally drop: those 12-14 hours missing in the canon timeline are, while mostly irrelevant to canon, crucial to my AU story, setting the stage for the entire “fork” and the relationship between the two main characters.

I suspect (hope!) that the story will now sit better with me when I’m working on it, even if this means I probably need to rewrite some of those 30K words.

What’s more, I suspect filling that blank is also going to help a lot with figuring out the rest of the plot for Reorientation!verse….

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