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I finally finished uploading all my fic to AO3. As usual, when going over old stuff, it was at times cringe-worthy (I am so grateful for AO3’s backdating option, ’cause now I can point at the date and say, “See that? I was young and stupid and didn’t know any better…”), and a pleasant surprise (“I wrote that?”). The amount of cliche-driven fic is also staggering: Sex pollen! Mpreg! Snowbound! Dialog-only! A dozen Fork in the Road-AU’s! First person POV! Second person POV! Dub-con! Non-con! Slash! Het! Gen! Threesomes! Moresomes! Etc.

Anyway, with all my fic in one place (’cause doesn’t accept all ratings), and no double postings of crossover (’cause my personal archives are separate, fandom-specific ones, so crossovers get posted once in each), I can finally crunch some numbers…

  • Published since April 1999: 205 fanfic stories
  • Fandoms: 18
  • Total word count: 833,000 words
  • Shortest: 100 words
  • Longest: 95,000 words.

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