Yup… Jericho… again :-)

Can you tell my muses really like this fandom?

Fandom: Jericho
Title: Green, Green Grass Of Home
Rating: General
Characters: Jake, Chavez, OCs
Word count: 7,300
Summary: After he’s delivered the bomb to Texas, there’s only one thing left that Jake desperately wants: to go back home to Jericho.


This started originally as a short piece for Jake-in-Texas, where he met with the governor and learned the hoped-for help was not forthcoming. Then I caught a smidgen of Tanaqui’s disorderly muse, and instead of writing scenes in chronological order (my usual MO for 99% of stories), I found myself writing bits and pieces of the journey home, scenes intertwined with Tanaqui’s The First Seventeen Hours, as well as rewriting large parts of my (never published) first Jericho story about Jake’s return home from Texas.

At one point, it was a monster fic of over 15,000 words. And then I realized it was really two stories. So, this is the first. Expect to see the sequel–what happens after Jake arrives back in Jericho–shortly.

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