Fic announcement: Supernatural coda

Oops… almost forgot to announce this…

Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Nobody’s Fault But Mine
Rating: General
Characters: Dean, Sam
Word count: 1,280
Summary: Deep down, Dean had always known Sam was no longer the same person he had left behind when he died. But to discover Sam trusted Ruby more than him? That cut deeper than all the harsh words spoken under the siren’s spell. (spoilers for Supernatural 4.14 Sex And Violence)


This was an interesting coda to write. Show kinda ended in a strange place, which in itself didn’t bother me too much—Winchesters claiming all is well when all is anything but, is nothing new, really. They are masters at (self-)delusion.

And it required some thinking about what was said in the episode, and what wasn’t said, and what the dynamics lying under the surface of what we saw were really about. The end result was a jumble of snippets of dialog, which I had to move around a bit to make it fit. Quite the deviation from my usual mode of “start at beginning, write toward end”…

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