Fic Announcement: More Crazy Crossovers

Fandoms: Lord of the Rings/The Kill Point
Title: Strategy Meeting (also here)
Rating: General
Characters: Faramir and Jake Mendez
Word count
: 986
Summary: A good commander is always willing to listen to advice, even if the advisor is a curiosity in himself.


For what is basically a writing exercise using crossover characters, this little ficlet gave me far too much trouble. No matter what tack I tried, my brain kept insisting that I should answer the questions of how and why, and address every one of Faramir’s numerous thoughts and suspicions and curiosities about the stranger I dropped in his lap. Which would’ve led to another monster fic-from-hell that I am so not willing to write!

Even though I knew fairly early on what I wanted the story to do, it was quite difficult to keep the balance and not have one character outshine the other. I think in this, the fifth or sixth attempt, I finally managed to get it right

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