Fic Announcement: Crazy Crossover

I posted the first of my Crazy Crossover ficlets:

Fandoms: Supernatural/Stargate Atlantis
Title: Wraith 101 (also here)
Rating: General
Characters: Dean Winchester, Rodney McKay
Word count: 602
Summary: Dean had thought Sammy was the ultimate geek. Until, in a galaxy far, far away, he met Doctor Rodney McKay.

Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis/Lord of the Rings
Title: Women’s Work (also here)
Rating: General
Characters: Éowyn and Teyla
Word count
: 691
Summary: Although they grew up worlds apart, Éowyn and Teyla have more in common than either might have first thought.


In all honesty, I have to say that this Crazy Crossover thing is fun! Far more fun than I expected it to be. It’s also a good exercise, because it allows (and forces) me to concentrate on the characters. Without going into the hows and whys of a bigger plot, I can focus on the who, what, where and when. I won’t say it’s easy—like any fic writing, some of it comes naturally, while at other times it’s more like pulling teeth—but I would advise this to anyone who’s in a rut, writing-wise, or maybe even suffers from writing block.

And yes, I am still working on some of the other requests. Jake Mendez & Faramir is mostly done, while Sam & Faramir is percolating. However, I am as yet clueless to Bobby & Legolas, or Dean & Aragorn


  1. lian on 06.02.2009 at 01:40 (Reply)

    *facepalm* I’m ashamed to say my immediate, visceral reaction to reading Dean/Aragorn was “OOOH, HOT”. Not, say, ‘huh, how would that work’. Oh, brain. >_>;

    1. Scribbler on 06.02.2009 at 22:42 (Reply)

      LOL! I think that’s what they call a one-track mind…!

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