Fic announcement: Dark Angel

Fandom: Dark Angel
Title: The Price Of Betrayal
Rating: Teen
Characters: X5-494, Rachel Berrisford, Clemente, (semi-)OCs
Word count: 38,470
Summary: When he’s told to murder the girl he’s fallen in love with, Manticore’s supersoldier X5-494 does the unthinkable: he disobeys his orders and breaks rank.


Once upon a time, I was rewatching The Berrisford Agenda-episode, as one is wont to do. Remember that flashback scene on the staircase, where 494 tries to stop Rachel and ends up with a handful of locket?

“Hm,” said the muse. “That shouldn’t have happened. Not with those X5 reflexes.”

“No,” said I. “But it serves the plot, and it’s not unthinkable.”

“Hm,” said the muse again, idly adding, “I wonder how things would’ve turned out if he hadn’t missed…”

Thus a plot bunny was born…

That innocent fluffy What if-bunny then turned into a monster AU. Some three years, nearly 40,000 words and numerous rewrites and replotting later, The Price Of Betrayal finally sees the light. Am I happy with it? Not entirely, though I’m very happy to Get. It. Out at last. And I suspect I’ll get slammed for the ending, but my What if-AUs have a tendency to get back onto the canon track at some point or other.

Naturally, while posting the final part, I finally figured out what I suspect is missing. And while it won’t fit within the story proper (so whew, that can stand as it is!), I’m thinking a little sequel is in order. Because right, I don’t have enough story ideas yet. And assuming I can gather up the courage to tackle this ‘verse again…

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