Fic Announcement: Supernatural

Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Unsung Heroes
Rating: General
Characters: Bobby
Word count: 1,130
Summary: Hunters are like the unsung heroes of our world. Bobby has made it his duty to ensure that even when they’re gone, they’ll not be forgotten.


On Christmas morning, the muse woke me with this little gift of a ficlet. Judging by the subject matter, the reflective spirit of the holiday must’ve gotten to her. Personally, I was mostly glad that I could still write, after the fight that the Kill Point fixit AU put up before I got something resembling a decent second draft down…

And oh yeah, expect more fic from me in the next couple of days. I’m scrambling to keep up with my betas 😉

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  1. dotfic on 26.04.2011 at 14:15 (Reply)

    Congrats! ☆ Your fic is recced here at sawedoff_recs on LJ.

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