Writer’s Glee

You know what the advantage is of having a one-woman fandom? There’s nobody that’ll tell you what you can or can’t do. So, if I want to let out my inner romantic, or embrace every bad!fic trope there is, and write about it, I can! No concerns about what readers might think, or if it fits with anyone else’s interpretation of canon, or if there are ‘isms I should worry about, there’s just fic.

And you know what? Writing exactly what you want is great fun!

Of course, it also means that I have spent my entire weeklong holiday not working on what I’d planned to work on, like OTW translations, or finally addressing the Dark Angel AU beta notes, or finishing my John & Bobby fic, or writing any of the half dozen other Supernatural stories on the list. But I did write two ficlets and nearly 15,000 words of fixit fic, including some 2,500 words of slow smut, so I do feel quite accomplished.

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