First lines meme

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Post the first line from your 25 most recent fanfics and try to find a pattern.

I’m changing this somewhat, since I fear my 25 most recent fics are just about all set in the Supernatural ‘verse, so there’s your pattern right there. Kinda boring. However, since this is my tenth year of writing fanfic (if I didn’t miscalculate), I’ll pick two stories from each year, and give you first lines for that. And because last lines are as telling as first, I’ll give you those as well.

From 1999:

– “The first thing I noticed, was the sound they made.”
– “I wanted to know who she really was. I tried to ask.“Who… are…””

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– “He jerked awake with a start.”
– ““I’m sorry, Adair,” he said softly and stared off over her shoulder. Only the sun witnessed the cold grin of satisfaction that played around his lips…”

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From 2000:

– “Nervously Devon smoothed the wide, bulky skirts of her dress. The fabric was soft and velvety beneath her hands.”
– “Thank God, she thought and shuddered. Beside her, Uly shifted restlessly on his cot but didn’t wake.”

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– “One by one his brothers had died.”
– “They were never seen again.”

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From 2001:

– “Phoebe’s eyes flashed with indignation. She placed her hands on her hips and gave Cole a look that would have withered the Source himself.”
– “They would find a way. They always did.”

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– “John slid into his seat beside Sam as quietly as he could. He was late.”
– “Overhead, the clouds parted and tiny stars twinkled.”

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From 2002:

– “The door closed behind him with a soft click. Alec stood motionless for a long moment.”
– “Slouched deep within his jacket to hide from the rain, Alec began to walk in the direction of Terminal City.”

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– “Poof! The vampire exploded in a satisfactory cloud of dust. Spike straightened and wiped the particles from his fingers.”
– “She turned off the light and climbed beneath the covers. Just another day on the Hellmouth.”

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From 2003:

– “Brennan rolled onto his side, kicking his legs at the sheet, which tangled around his feet and refused to let go.”
– “Adam made a mental note to talk to Emma later, though. But that was before he found out that Gabriel Ashlocke had been set free and urgent matters demanded the team’s attention.”

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– ““Why didn’t you ask her the other question?””
– ““Right. The other question…” He gulped, lifted his head and met her gaze head-on. “Billie, really… Wilhelmina?””

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From 2004:

– “An ill wind blew from the north, across the plains of Rohan. Upon its cold wings, it carried the scent of snow from the Misty Mountains.”
– “After all, she was the Lady of Rohan, and she would do her duty, whether it offered renown or no.”

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– “Strong hands held him down.”
– “The dream would continue to haunt him. The dream that was real.”

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From 2005:

– “Lindsey tried not to cringe when the performer on the stage struck another false chord.”
– “Lindsey shook the proffered hand, unwittingly signing away his very soul with the gesture. By the time he found out, it was too late.”

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– “”I ask only for the strength to defend my people!” All he desired was to protect Gondor, why did Frodo refuse to understand that?”
– “Alone in eternal darkness, Boromir hearkened the world false pride had wrought.”

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From 2006:

– “Alec sauntered into command. Up on the landing, Luke and an X4 named Brent were manning the screens, watching the numerous newscasts for anything that might involve transgenics and monitoring the Sector Police channels.”
– “Perhaps, if the truth, the whole truth, about Manticore came out, they could convince the American people that the transgenics weren’t the enemy after all. They just might win enough hearts and minds, one sheriff at the time, to have a chance at life.”

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– “Not married in the traditional sense—what the hell was that supposed to mean?”
– “Yet, even as she walked to the door to tell Katie she was ready to see her next patient, a tiny voice continued to murmur in the back of her mind: Michael doesn’t belong here.”

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From 2007:

– “Boromir reined in his horse and poured some water from his water skin onto a kerchief. He wiped the sodden cloth across his brow but it did little to cool his skin.”
– “Boromir grinned. “Lead the way, lieutenant.””

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– ““I swear, Sam, there’s some evil creature hiding in that basement.””
– “And sometimes, normal was really easy.”

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From 2008:

– “The first time it happened, Sam didn’t think much of it—other than to worry there was something really, really wrong with his head.”
– “He leaned his head against the seat, closing his eyes against the cool wind that streamed in through the window, and drifted off to sleep…”

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– “As John strode away, he heard Ronon break the heavy silence he left in his wake with a soft “Congratulations”.”
– “But he’d be damned if he’d change his mind. There was no way he’d let Teyla or her unborn child come to harm under his command.”

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Whew! That was quite a lot of fic to go through. I picked the stories rather randomly, but did try to cram in as many of my fandoms as I could. Can you guess them all?


  1. Nic on 06.09.2008 at 20:47 (Reply)

    Hey, that was fun! There were fandoms in there I didn’t remember that you’d written for (e.g. ‘Dark Angel’). I am so impressed that you’ve kept up with your writing all this time.

    1. Scribbler on 07.09.2008 at 14:09 (Reply)

      To be honest? I’m impressed too 🙂 But I guess once I learned of the existence of fanfic, there was no looking back.

      And I’m still writing for Dark Angel… 😉

  2. JunoMagic on 07.09.2008 at 00:22 (Reply)


    Label me impressed and ship me to Mithlond.

    That’s a long time to be writing fanfic!!!


    1. Scribbler on 07.09.2008 at 14:10 (Reply)

      Thank you. But I’m nowhere near your word count on yet 😉

  3. jedishampoo on 07.09.2008 at 04:44 (Reply)

    Some of those “first/last lines” were little stories in themselves. 🙂

    And we’ve been writing fanfic for exactly the same length of time!

    1. Scribbler on 07.09.2008 at 14:11 (Reply)

      Hee, cool! I cannot believe I kept it up all this time!

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