Kamikaze fics, ficathons, and more fic news

So, yesterday the [info]kamikazeremix fics went live. They’re still anonymous, so I can’t yet pimp the story I wrote, but I can point you in the direction of the story that was written for me, based on my Supernatural fic Triplicity. I have to say, the remixed version went into a direction I never anticipated. But of course that’s the entire point of a remix: surprise!

And if one crazy challenge wasn’t enough, the evil (yes…) [info]tanaquisga (now also known as [info]tanaquispn, for which I suppose I’m to blame 🙂 ) pointed me to a Halloween challenge at [info]spook-me. So I have now signed up to write a Supernatural story with a Monster from Space as the creature… 😯

Well, what’s the point of a challenge if I’m not challenging myself, eh?

Finally, I’ve gotten around to putting together an archive to collect my single story fandoms: fandoms for which I’ve only written one piece of fiction so they don’t warrant an archive of their own. The color scheme still leaves something to be desired, but we’ll get around to that some day…

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