Fic announcement: Threat Matrix

Fandom: Threat Matrix
Title: Walking The Plank
Rating: Adult
Characters: Kilmer/Frankie
Warnings: references to rape; hurt/comfort; “healing” sex
Spoilers: None
Word count: 2,500
Summary: A mission goes sideways, with terrible consequences. Frankie appeals to Kilmer to help her deal with the fall-out, and despite his better judgment, he can’t resist her plea.


One quiet Sunday morning, I told [info]tanaquisga I had written a post-rape, hurt/comfort, healing sex fic for an obscure and long-since-canceled show, and all of it had been done “before breakfast”. She nearly packed up and ran for the hills, but was brave enough to offer looking it over, ask difficult questions and offer up suggestions, even though she didn’t know the fandom.

A couple of rewrites later, and what was initially a plot bunny for a badfic plot executed in a not-entirely-badfic manner had been turned into a serious story dealing with difficult subject matter.

Now, if only there was someone out there still reading Threat Matrix fic…

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  1. Jamie on 01.12.2008 at 21:28 (Reply)

    I lve threat matrix ff lol

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