Fic Rec: tanaquisga’s “Altered States”

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Title: Altered States
Author: [info]tanaquisga
Rating: Teen
Author’s summary: AU for 3×14 Tao of Rodney. What if Rodney didn’t get zapped by an “Ascension machine” but by something that manipulated his DNA in a quite different way? Prompted by a chance conversation with the evil [info]scribblesinink.


Ignoring the fact that [info]tanaquisga calls me “evil” (I’m not evil! I just happen to mention… things… sometimes), I had so much fun following its progress as she was writing this story that I’m totally tickled I can finally rec it! Rodney’s transformation is handled brilliantly, not an easy task since we both discovered that he actually displays quite a lot of traits similar to the creature he’s turning in to! Yet, the progressive changes to his physique and behavior are obvious, recognizable, and subtle at the same time. A hard balance to strike, but [info]tanaquisga did an amazing job. She also knows her characters well, which becomes clear in the small yet totally fitting guest appearances by the other team members.

Even if you’re not an SGA fan, I would suggest you give Altered States a try; without giving away too much of the plot, I know the subject matter alone will go down well with many of my flist…!

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