Fic rec and fic announcement

I bring smut. But first:


Yes, that requires capslock 🙂

A short time ago, Erin asked for fic prompts. Knowing she’s quite knowledgeable on horses and the Old West, I saw this as my chance to pawn off the Cowboy!Dean plot bunny.

Erin took up the gauntlet, and to what result!

A Thousand Square Miles of Wide Open is an amazing little story (well, not that little, it’s over 3,000 words of Supernaturally goodness) that hits in all the right places. To get to an old graveyard and perform a salt-‘n-burn, Dean has to learn how to ride first. Erin makes us feel every agonizing mile he has to suffer on horseback. Her landscape descriptions are very vivid, and you can almost smell the desert or touch the dust. OC Chris is likable and credible. He’s your typical cowboy: gruff, a man of few words, and clearly in love with his land and willing to do whatever it takes to keep it.

All in all, a definite Must Read for any Supernatural fan.


Ok, after that, I’m almost embarrassed to announce my smut ficlet in the same post. But here it goes:

Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Wanna Make A Memory
Rating: ADULT
Characters: Dean/OFC
Spoilers: None
Word count: 2,200
Summary: Dean knows he can’t not go, and that once he leaves, he won’t ever return. So he wants to make this memorable.


I have no excuse, really. This story was entirely unplanned; I have no idea where it came from, or what triggered it. But the central idea was just there, popping into my head out of the blue. And when I started thinking how to make it happen, I realized it would be the perfect tag-on to my earlier story There’s A Girl In Texas, which was originally supposed to be smutty, but ended up being anything but.


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  1. ErinRua on 11.08.2008 at 03:58 (Reply)

    Awwww, thank you, sweetie! I’m so glad you enjoyed my story for you! You gave me a terrific excuse to play with Dean on my “home turf,” so to speak, and I’m very happy you like it! YAY! 🙂 *hugs!*

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