Fic roundup

Just to give you a preview of things to come. Taken from my spreadsheet (yes, I have a spreadsheet to keep track! Don’t laugh!) and in random order:

Journey’s End aka the Shakespeare!Dean fic
Supernatural, 18,500 words. Still in beta. Will need rewrites and another round of betaing.

Wanna Make A Memory aka smutty!Dean Now posted!
Supernatural, 2,200 words. In final beta.

The Price Of Betrayal aka the DA-AU
Dark Angel, 37,000 words. Currently in beta.

Beasts Under The Bed aka the Dream-fic Now posted!
Supernatural, 7,500 words. Awaiting beta availability.

Legend In My Time aka the mandatory Sam-gets-Dean-out-0f-Hell fic aka the time travel story Now posted!
Supernatural, 12,500 words. In rewrites. Will need a fully-fledged beta. Deadline: Season 4 premiere (when it’ll get seriously Kripke’d)

Two Odd Ducks aka the [info]kamikazeremix  Now posted!
Supernatural, 1,900 words. Shelved for ripening. Will need more tinkering, and a full-fledged beta. Deadline: August 25

And that’s not counting the stories that are in drafting or outlining stages… See why I need a spreadsheet?

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  1. Anonymous on 03.08.2008 at 07:26 (Reply)

    I look foreyour Supernatural stories. I’ve had a week of writing LOTR like crazy!

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