Fic rec and drabble announcement

Once upon a not very long ago, I jokingly suggested to [info]tanaquisga that she re-watch Supernatural from the start, and do a drabble-an-episode. Much to my surprise, she neither laughed in my face, nor ran screaming for the hills, but instead picked up the challenge.

She has now posted the first two sets of drabbles here. Make sure to check them out for a John-centric view of Supernatural‘s stories.

Also, since muses tend to be fickle, she wrote an extra, underwear-inspired, Dean drabble for Phantom Traveler.

And because what’s not to like about Dean and underwear, my muse decided she needed to come up with a follow-up drabble…

Every Man’s Burden

“What’re you doin’?” Sam’s nose wrinkled in disgust as Dean rummaged through the greasy pizza boxes and burger wrappers of last night’s dinner.

“Nothin’!” Dean slammed the bathroom door shut in Sam’s face. If Sam found out… He’d never hear the end of it.

But the sales girl had been right: they were very comfortable. Snug but not too tight, and not chafing, even hunting chupacabras through the woods.

Where was it…?

A moment later: “Ha!”

Triumphantly, Dean smoothed the wrinkled cardboard that had come with the cellophane packaging. Now he could remember what brand and model to shop for…


  1. Barbara on 04.08.2008 at 00:14 (Reply)

    I love it. You know I think I just might take up that challenge for myself to do a drabble for each episode of Supernatural. It’ll give me something to do until it starts next month.

    1. Scribbler on 04.08.2008 at 18:18 (Reply)

      I’d say, go for it! If only because it’s the perfect excuse to rewatch the episodes 🙂

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