Best. Review. Ever

On my one and only slash story, Higher Learning:

Ewwwwwwww………. im sorry but i think leo and cole are really hot!!!!!!!!!!! so i
dont like to think of them like that.

Unfortunately, the reviewer didn’t leave their e-mail address, because I would have loved to contact them and tell them I agree…! (And ask them whyever they would click on a story that’s tagged both “slash” and “Cole/Leo”, as well as has a “Warning: slash” in the summary, and that has an Adult rating, if this is how they feel 🙄 )


  1. JunoMagic on 08.05.2008 at 10:34 (Reply)


    You gotta love such reviews. So much fun!

    1. Scribbler on 08.05.2008 at 13:07 (Reply)

      Hee, yes, finding that review was most amusing! I think I prefer it to the “Good fic, moar plz”-variety of reviews. At least it came straight from the heart.

  2. Tanaqui on 08.05.2008 at 11:42 (Reply)

    Oh, fandom! You are so “special”….

    I just don’t get the point of reading stuff that you know you’re not going to like…. (And then complaining about it in a review.)

    1. Scribbler on 08.05.2008 at 13:06 (Reply)

      I admit, I LOL’ed when reading the review this morning (which was not a good idea, because I don’t want to explain at work how an “eww” review to a slash piece is funny…!)

      But to be honest, I get the impression that she didn’t really know what she was getting herself into. Maybe she got linked straight to the story, bypassing the story’s meta data (though there’s still the adult warning as well as a slash warning in the author’s note…). Alas, no e-mail means I have no way to ask.

      I am most amused, however.

  3. marta on 09.05.2008 at 04:49 (Reply)

    Oh, fandom! You are so “special”….

    I have to agree with Tanaqui’s comment. And yes, it is rather pointless to read stuff you know you don’t like ahead of time.

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